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The 22 Community Guidelines

We ask that all community members abide by the following guidelines. Violation of these guidelines may result in posts or comments being taken down, or in users’ profiles being deleted. The 22 site administrators reserve the right to remove posts or ban users for any reason, including reasons not outlined below.

No Harassment or Discrimination: Harassment and discrimination are not allowed in any form. No hate speech, racism, sexism, insulting other nations or cultures, etc. Be mindful of others’ cultures and experiences. Treat others with respect.

No Spamming, Solicitation, or Political Campaigning: This includes self-promotion, scamming, spreading viruses, linking to products or businesses unrelated to community discussion, or endorsing political candidates or campaigns.

No Illegal Activity: Posts containing illegal activity will be deleted, and authorities will be notified as appropriate.

No Copyright Violations: Posts containing copyright or intellectual property violations are not allowed.

No Personal Attacks: This includes bullying, doxing, impersonating other people, or otherwise acting maliciously toward others.

No Violent or Sexual Content: Posts containing sexual content, nudity, extreme violence, threats, obscenities, gore, etc. will be removed.

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