Paul Ewert

Paul Winfred Ewert was born in Pierre, South Dakota on January 16, 1924. When Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by Japan, Paul enlisted in the Air Force, then the U.S. Army Air Corp. He was an instructor for the LINK flight simulators and helped train pilots to fly planes for combat missions.
Even though Paul’s training was in engineering, the Korean War had begun, and the Air Force needed pilots. Paul flew over 30 combat missions over North Korea with the 19th Bomb Wing, 28th Bomb Squadron. During his 28 years in the military, Paul also worked as an airplane mechanic, and flight engineer on B-29’s, B-36’s, and B-26’s.


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Korean War - Key Events

July 10, 1951

Truce talks between the UN and the communists begin at Kaesŏng. The negotiations do not mark an end to the war, however; the fighting continues for two more years. In October the peace talks relocate to the village of P’anmunjŏm.

These events are taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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