Johnie Timbs

Was a machine gunner with Charlie company. Received 4 Purple Hearts and 2 Bronze Stars. He arrived in Korea in April of 1951 rotated to Japan in December


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April 18, 2022 01:48 pm
Maranda Wilkinson
Hi Keith, do you know which battles Johnie participated in during his time in Korea?

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Korean War - Key Events

September 12, 1950

North Korean troops reach their farthest point of advance. Although thousands of UN troops have arrived to reinforce South Korea, months of fighting have reduced the area under their control to a 5,000-square-mile rectangle centered on the critical southeastern port of Pusan. By the time the North Korean invasion force reaches the “Pusan Perimeter,” its strength has been nearly cut in half and it is almost entirely lacking in armor.

These events are taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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