Fred Sutton Medley

Born in a rural community in Tennessee, Mr. Medley was born in 1927. He lived through the Great Depression. He was one of seven children. He joined the Army and was sent to Korea. He came home and soon married, raising a family. He didn’t speak much of his time in Korea. A few photographs are all that survived a later house fire. His children are proud of his service to his country.


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Korean War - Key Events

December 6, 1950

The U.S. Marines at the Chosin Reservoir begin their “attack in a different direction” as they engage in a fighting retreat to the port of Hŭngnam. Two entire Chinese armies have been tasked with the destruction of the 1st Marine Division. They succeed in driving the American force from North Korean territory but pay an enormous price: as many as 80,000 Chinese troops are killed or wounded, and the CPVF Ninth Army Group is rendered combat-ineffective for months. “Frozen Chosin” becomes one of the most-storied episodes in U.S. Marine Corps history.

These events are taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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