Ayalew Saleleh was one of the member of kagnew batalion who marched the Korean War. He was fought bravely on the side of South Korean people. When he was very young at the time .he has got children and ground children .
One of the ground son whose name is Kirubel Habtamu Ayalew told about his ground father History .He said that his father had told me many things about Korean war history and also why this history not transmitted one generation to another . He said also that there are some memory and also tried to learn himself more.
Around Germany Embassy
House No: – 429
Phone No:-+251 91-336-0079
+251 92-310-6188


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May 01, 2021 02:15 pm
Mary Huffman
Thank you so much for creating a profile for Ayalew Saleleh. Can you share any of the stories that were passed down from Saleleh to you about the Korean War? I can't wait to hear more about his experiences in the Korean War. Thank you again for sharing Ayalew Saleleh with us.

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Korean War - Key Events

January 4, 1951

Chinese and North Korean forces recapture Seoul.

These events are taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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