• Welde Silase Habtewold posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    After the 4th round kagnew shaleka vetrans , Woldeslase Habtewold one of a participatory in korean war. During the straggle he was a good fighter. this interesting hitory talled Alemayehu Weldeslase . The son of weldeslase Habtewold . Alemayehu said that his father was a good fighter and has brothers who participated in the war . He is my uncle .The two Brothers are very intersting history not the war,the challanges of the situation and the vector y of the south korean.
    My father after having finished the mission , he had takwn certeficate from korean Goverment ,Ethiopian Emporer Haileslase (Ras teferi ).

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