Zenbwerk Belayneh

Corporal Zenbwerk Belayneh Gemeda                                        IdNo. 0664

His name is Corporal Zenbwerk Belayneh Gemeda and was born in 1929. He is now 91 years old and lives in Addis Ababa, Gulele sub-city, Woreda 03 House No. 332, rented in the government house and live with a family of eight. Before he went to Korea he was a shepherd at his mother and father’s house. He came to Addis Ababa at the age of 22 and was hired in the imperial guard as infantry. He was in the Korean Army on the third battalion (Kagnew) by Colonel Weldeyohannes Shita command, by captain Sahlu Yergu, his captain command Colonel Wengel Qosta, and his hundred leaders Corporal Abera Wase his commander in the infantry army when he was in Korea battlefield. On the battlefield of Yok and Tibon, he lost his friend 2nd lieutenant Bezabeh Ayele so they named the place Bezabeh after the passing of their friends and it was their first battle. He received Gold and silver medals from His Majesty Haile Selassie for the duties he achieved, Korean War Memorial Medal from the Ethiopian Government, From Korea and the United Nations as well as the Union War Adventure Unit he received a letter of appreciations from the United States and the Government of Korea. He was not injured at the time, after return from Korea he served in Imperial Guard at the 4th Battalion 3rd infantry as Heavy Equipment Engineer and then he moved to Ethiopian airlines and retired in 1980, He left with a pension of Birr 144.85 (one hundred and forty-four birr and eighty-eight cents). He now gets a pension of birr 310.00 birr (Three hundred and ten birrs) with eight families. When we go to Korea, we were greeted by a crowd of Ethiopians from Janmeda, Addis Ababa to Le Gehar on the streets and then up to Djibouti, it’s unforgettable. In Korean battlefield, he remembers when they went out for patrol with the leading of our Hundred commander then while they were fighting with the enemies we lost Mamo Weldmariam and Corporal Tegu Weldtekle lost his left hands and Private Taddese Garedu has an injury and he remembers killing seven of his enemies and returning to the battlefield to gather his friend’s body so that not to leave them behind and wounds of his friends.




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Korean War - Key Events

June 27, 1950

The United Nations Security Council adopts Resolution 83, authorizing UN member states to provide military assistance to South Korea. The Soviets, who could have vetoed the resolution, are boycotting the proceedings because the Nationalist government on Taiwan still occupies China’s seat on the Security Council. Seoul falls the following day.

These events are taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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