Joseph Forliano

Joe was born in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. My dad enlisted in the US Army for two reasons; 1) to get three square meals a day and 2) to serve his country as a first generation American.

While in Korea, Joe was a PFC who ran a supply truck and was a fire fighter. He initially wanted to serve in WWII along side his brother, but he was too young.  He enlisted in September of 1946 and separated with an Honorable Discharge in January of 1948. He was there prior to the official war breaking out. After he was discharged he was drafted back in to the war in December 1950 to the 101st Airborne Division, and was Honorably Discharged again in November of 1951.

He was a wonderful man who made friends everywhere he went. His laugh and smile are still unforgettable after all these years since his passing in 2005. He loved this Country with everything he had and he was so proud to have the ability to work hard and make a solid living as a sheet metal worker after he left the military. He often spoke fondly of his service time, and the people he served with.


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August 25, 2022 05:06 pm
Emily Ezell
What a warm story! Makes me feel like I know him and I love that. So thankful for his service.
September 30, 2021 03:09 pm
Mary Huffman
My parents were from Chicago, Illinois too! They grew up in Cicero not far from the meat packing plants. I would love to hear more stories about Joe and his experiences in the Korean War if you remember them. Do you have any additional pictures of his military service? I know that the pictures would really bring to life Joe's profile. Thank you for sharing his story with us!

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Korean War - Key Events

September 12, 1950

North Korean troops reach their farthest point of advance. Although thousands of UN troops have arrived to reinforce South Korea, months of fighting have reduced the area under their control to a 5,000-square-mile rectangle centered on the critical southeastern port of Pusan. By the time the North Korean invasion force reaches the “Pusan Perimeter,” its strength has been nearly cut in half and it is almost entirely lacking in armor.

These events are taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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