Jesus Cantu Salinas

At the age of 17, in January 1951, Mexican American Jesus was called to participate in the Korean War. He served for 2 years. He was hurt and once recovered, he continued his service in the Korean War. He was born in Northern Mexico, from where he migrated to California. While he was an engineering student at UCLA he was called to serve. He was shot once again, but this time the bullet was caught by a religious medal his mother had given him for protection. After the War, he returned to Los Angeles where he completed his studies and married; he later moved back to Mexico after his divorce. In Mexico, he settled in Monterrey, remarried and had a family and a construction company; he retired after many years and continues to live in Monterrey, Mexico. He is a hardworking, family man who enjoys music and movies. He was recently awarded with the Apostle of Peace Medal and recognized by Korean military and diplomatic representatives who paid him a visit to show their appreciation.


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August 25, 2022 04:57 pm
Emily Ezell
I love everything about his story! Thank you for sharing! Thankful for his service!
July 25, 2022 11:14 am
Maria LaPresta
Thank you! Very proud of my father.

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Korean War - Key Events

October 25, 1950

Having destroyed the bulk of the North Korean army, UN troops have pressed on into North Korea and are now approaching the Yalu River. Chinese People’s Volunteers Force (CPVF) troops under veteran commander Gen. Peng Dehuai cross into North Korea and inflict serious losses on the lead units of the UN advance. The sudden appearance of Chinese forces sends the main body of UN forces reeling back to the south bank of the Ch’ŏngch’ŏn River.

These events are taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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