Frank Staley

Commissioned officer at SC State University in Orangeburg in 1951. Proceeded to training at Camp Breckinridge, Infantry School, then Korea with 40th ID as Platoon Leader.
Korean War Service Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart – knee wound sustained in Korean War. Remembers hot summers and cold winters. Served 1.5 years in Korea. Call sign “Watashi”. Loved seeing the USAF flying overhead!


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September 30, 2021 02:22 pm
Mary Huffman
Frank's profile picture is perfect! I can really see his personality and all the joy that he brought to fellow soldiers in the picture! While reviewing other profiles, I found additional platoon leaders. It would be great to find a connection between these two military leaders!
July 30, 2021 04:20 pm
Frank H. Staley
My father was forever proud of his svc as an Infantry Plt Ldr in Korea!

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Korean War - Key Events

October 25, 1950

Having destroyed the bulk of the North Korean army, UN troops have pressed on into North Korea and are now approaching the Yalu River. Chinese People’s Volunteers Force (CPVF) troops under veteran commander Gen. Peng Dehuai cross into North Korea and inflict serious losses on the lead units of the UN advance. The sudden appearance of Chinese forces sends the main body of UN forces reeling back to the south bank of the Ch’ŏngch’ŏn River.

These events are taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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